Real-Time NMPC for an Automated Valet Parking with Load-Based Safety Constraints and a Path-Parametric Model

Progress-maximization NMPC for a valet robot with load-based safety constraints.

Parameter estimation and input prediction

Modeling and matching a human pilot’s behavior with MHE.

Towards Safe Human-Quadrotor Interaction: Mixed-Initiative Control via Real-Time NMPC

Mixed-initiative control algorithm based on NMPC.

An Efficient Real-Time NMPC for Quadrotor Position Control under Communication Time-Delay

Efficient implementation of real-time NMPC with time-delay compensation.

Least Conservative Linearized Constraint Formulation for Real-Time Motion Generation

Least conservative collision avoidance constraint for robotic systems.

Enforcing Constraints over Learned Policies via Nonlinear MPC: Application to the Pendubot

Combination between NMPC and RL.


Embedded NMPC and human-quadrotor mixed-initiative control via real-time NMPC.


Real-time NMPC for nano-quadrotor motion generation.