Photo by Bárbara

During my time as a visiting PhD student at the LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France, I worked intensively with the MikroKopter platform. I was under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Franchi at the Robotics and Interactions (RIS) team.

As the platform was equipped with an Intel NUC7i7BNB, I developed a tailored NMPC, able to take advantage of the computational resources of the target CPU and run efficiently onboard. All subsequent solutions were then able to benefit from this base framework, developed under the GenoM3 architecture. One of those solutions was an NMPC applied to a quadrotor-slung payload system for the task of transportation on suspension. Another solution was a mixed-initiative control method for human-quadrotor interaction based on real-time NMPC. This method handles the complex connection between the human inputs and the automatic controller commands for cooperative tasks. It was numerically validated using the dynamic model of the actual MikroKopter.

Bárbara Barros Carlos
Bárbara Barros Carlos
Robotics Engineer
Trajectory Planning & Control